Fully dedicated to requirements driven imagery pre-processing and processing

GeoGenesis® is an easy-to-use imagery processing and photogrammetric workstation giving you complete control over your data. Using GeoGenesis you can rapidly orthorectify UAV/aerial and satellite imagery and perform bundle adjustment on multiple images -- assisted by automated tie point selection. GeoGenesis also includes pan-sharpening, mosaicking capabilities to combine multiple images into a single orthomosaic, and radiometric balancing to eliminate any visible seams.

GeoGenesis is now fully integrated with, and offered as a module of, IApioneer™.

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U.S. Government Users: GeoGenesis is available as Government-off-the-shelf (GOTS) software on a royalty-free basis

To get the Government-off-the-shelf (GOTS) version of GeoGenesis, visit the Download or Purchase page for more information.



GeoGenesis is built on our common code foundation. Other modules include:




OmniDEM® - an easy-to-use
digital elevation modeling (DEM) software system


FeatureXTract - an easy-to-use
feature extraction and 3-D modeling
software system


Worthy Highlights

GeoGenesis® is now fully integrated with IApioneer™. See more in What’s New.


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